Keith moved to California after his high school sophomore year in Philadelphia, then he faithfully served two years at The Feather, a national ranked, award-wining, student-run online newspaper. This inconspicuous school program, carved Keith’s experiences and thoughts on a history book. How Keith rebirths himself, from a dumb Chinese international student, who did not speak much English when he first came to study in the States at age of 16, to a school journalist who experiences the world, understands the world, then expresses himself to the world.

Unfortunately, Keith did not finish everything he wanted to write, such as the Breaking Through series, he left things undone when he graduated. Although this chapter has officially ended, Keith has gone way higher that were he was back in that little town. However, he will never forget, those decisions and determinations he made in that little town, have made him who he is today. And he will continue on.