The Traitor

“You can be nice to people, forever. If someone start offending you, you keep your politeness at the first time. But if that person offends you again, dispose when necessary.

In KEITH’s second year of junior high, his house gate was sealed by seccotine three times in a week. First KEITH and his family did not know how did it. Finally, KEITH successfully extracted the fingerprints left on the lock, and they were able to bring the criminal in. However, the criminal turned out to be the rival Keith had back in elementary, who betrayed KEITH’s organization.


When KEITH was leading his organization back in elementary (which is mentioned in The Super Agent Kids), he had a secretary who was just one level below his best friend. He was known as “Chinchilla”, because he pets a chinchilla. Chinchilla was extremely good and helpful, he was one of the best in KEITH’s rope down training, gunshot training, and was one of the few people who were able to use handheld smoke-bomb, flash-bomb, teargas, and was authorized to use the electronic bomb trigger. (for details, read Bomb The House )

Chinchilla’s high-power lithium battery brought the organization a huge win on the electronic bomb trigger system. However, one day Chinchilla expressed to take back the technology, hence, he started to against the organization especially KEITH. Chinchilla divulge intelligence of the location of the rooftop base, so the police was able to takeover. Chinchilla stole weapons and unused bombs, and used his improvised bomb trigger to light up smoke bombs, and threw flash bomb and teargas when the police was going to takeover the facility. The polices gave up eventually just because they did not want to wast time on playing with a kid. However, Chinchilla also used the bombs to defend while other members of the organization was trying to get into the facility.

Months later, Captain Keith led a group of kids caught Chinchilla, KEITH’s best friend took over him while KEITH was interrogating Chinchilla, to prevent him from using extreme measure. After that, the Chinchilla chapter officially closed. When KEITH and his best friend stepped into junior high, as they started getting busier and busier on school stuffs, the organization started fading away, after a while, this chapter became a legend once existed in the history book. Until…


When the door was sealed for the first time, KEITH and his mother did not have many ideas of why and who did this, however, they had to call a locksmith to break in and rebuilt a new lock, so they could get inside of the house. Unluckily, the door was sealed on the next day, again. So they had to call the locksmith again, break it, and put on a new lock.

This brought KEITH’s attention, KEITH remember that a couple of years ago, KEITH taught kids how to open a lock and how to seal a lock. This suspicion led KEITH to Chinchilla, however, KEITH was not sure if Chinchilla was really playing childish again for the rival back in elementary.

KEITH and his mom went to the video room, look at the CCTV record in the elevators,, again and again, however, they did not find anything. KEITH speculated that Chinchilla might used the stairs instead of the elevator to avoid CCTV, and he seems to know the routine of this family.

Not to KEITH’s surprise, Chinchilla hit KEITH up on QQ (a popular online communication app in China), he admitted his action and was rampant by saying: “enjoy it, I will come back.”

“This is what happens when your loyal friend is using what you’ve taught to against you.,” said KEITH’s mother. Chinchilla seemed to be trained smart enough to avoid all kinds of tracking, however, KEITH was still the master, so was his mom.

KEITH’s mom was able to track the IP address which Chinchilla used to send the message. It was from a PC in his home. However, a snap shot of an online conversation was not enough for the police to catch him. KEITH decided to installed a micro camera inside of the peep hole so there would be a video statement next then when Chinchilla acts again. However, the video captured him with a mask on his face.

KEITH and his mom had to call the locksmith again, to break the lock and put on a new one. The police detective was helpless as well, as this kind of annoying action is not big enough to address an arrest warrant.

It was the third time in the week, Chinchilla’s action burned KEITH on fire, KEITH would not allow people do this to insult him. “Believe me, I taught you all of this, so I know your weakness. Don’t forget I am still the master,” KEITH muttered.

The equipment KEITH used to extract fingerprints

He went back to his room, and took a ninhydrin sprayer, along with high-viscosity magnetic powder and a fingerprint tape. A couple of minutes later, KEITH extracted a bunch of fingerprints from the handle, under the detective’s witness. KEITH then compared those fingerprints with himself’s and his mom’s, then he found some unknown fingerprints.

“I taught you how to hide your face but never taught you to clean your fingerprint after you’ve done some dirty shits,” KEITH smiled. The case was not big enough for the police to do fingerprint comparing, however, KEITH still kept his database in his archive. KEITH used to take everybody’s fingerprint when they first joined the organization, after comparing, Keith was sure those fingerprints belonged to Chinchilla. Now Keith had got evidence, however, he expected Chinchilla to come back soon.

This time, KEITH set a infrared ray detection at the exist of the stairs, so once somebody crosses by, the machine will send an alert to the receiver, KEITH’s mom.

The next week, KEITH came home from school, mom told Keith they she had caught Chinchilla, mom goes: “The alert was send and I went to the door, observing him thought the peep hole, he was with a male friend. I ran out and caught him, and his friend ran away, left him alone. I said,’whatever you and Keith had back in two years ago, it is all over right now. KEITH has never done this kind of things on you haven’t him? KEITH has taken your fingerprint and videography on your previous actions, since I have those evidence right now and you are on my hand, I could easily take you to the police and you are old enough to put in the juvenile prison. But I am giving you a chance to be good.”