Boxing with two kangaroos

A Chinese proverb goes, “Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers.” Well, KEITH practically reflected this phrase on himself.

When KEITH first travelled abroad on his own, he chose Australia. One of his best friend lives in Sydney and KEITH always says he wanted to visit. KEITH and his friend spend five days in Sydney, then they traveled together to Melbourne.

A couple of days later, KEITH’s friend returned to Sydney to continue his school, KEITH then traveled to Canberra by himself, the capital city of Australia. KEITH regraded himself on the first they he arrived, Canberra, the capital city sounds like a cool place but is indeed in the middle of no where.

He stayed at an airbnb, the local host alerted KEITH that there will be wild animals showing up randomly on the street, especially in the night time. However, KEITH did not want to wast time in his first trip to Australia. He went out to the market place, which was a street not far away from the house, he enjoyed afternoon tea and dinner.

The sky started getting dark, dramatic dusk and sunset started taking place. Keith went a bit further away, and chose another way to go home, just to experience being in the middle of nowhere.

KEITH started heading back, it took him about 30-40 minus until he could see his airbnb, the house, which was on the horizon.

Then suddenly, Keith saw a big shuttering shadow jumped in front of him, about five meters from where KEITH was standing. KEITH went up and see what was going on, then he saw two giant kangaroos that were taller than him, standing still and gazing at KEITH’s eyes.

In the darken evening, those two pairs of eyes, shining red in the dramatic atmosphere, were freezing the air. Every steps KEITH takes, the kangaroos follow up. They stand face to face with each other about five minutes, Then KEITH started trying running away from these two monsters, however, they did quit chasing up KEITH. Maybe they were just looking for fun, but they freaked out KEITH anyway.

The freaked out KEITH started getting angry, he started imitating chimpanzee, thumping his chest, bellowing to those two kangaroos and started running toward those two giant kangaroos. Then those two animals ran away from KEITH’s threatening.

This experience did not affect Keith in the next couple of days while touring Canberra. However, Keith was a bit afraid afterward, when his friends told him that kangaroos usually kick people to death in Australia.