Bomb The House

“When curiosity meets unprofessional, it may cause something really serious. Again, never trust your dad.”

Every boy has had a CS dream. Back in elementary, when CS video game was spreading the whole world, spy movies washing the screens, KEITH and his friends were inspired by the charm of a battle field, in imagination. They started running their self-created missions, such as surprise attacking ceremonies.

As a fifth grader, who just started taking chemistry class, KEITH figured out making gunpowder by mixing potassium nitrate. With mixing sodium bicarbonate to limit KNO3’s chemical instability, along with dye, KEITH was able to produce smoke bomb, flash bomb, tear bomb and even a real bomb (however, he has never produced one, yet). By using simple electricity and programming, KEITH was able to produce a professional trigger as well.

At the first time of producing, KEITH dad insisted taking care of the mixing process as he thought it would be too dangerous for a 10-year-old kid. However, KEITH’s dad neglected the temperature of container, which caused a huge fire and an explosion of the container. The whole kitchen along with the gas stove went on fire, and the living room was not lucky enough to escape from being partially destroyed.

After the accident, KEITH redeveloped the process of making a smoke bomb, by using temperature-limited container to prevent potential explosion while processing.

(After the story spread out, KEITH got a new title, known as “the bomb psycho”)

In Keith’s sophomore year in high school, his English teacher asked students to make a tutorial video. Thus it was the first time Keith ever officially introduced the process of making a smoke bomb.