The Keithy Lovers

"People think everything KEITH does seems unbelievable, however, they can link themself to be a part of the legend. They will be remembered.”

In November 2017, while KEITH was traveling the Islamic Republic of Iran, enjoying afternoon tea at a hotel in Isfahan. A good friend of KEITH asked if he could have a shirt with his face on. KEITH then spend his afternoon tea time on designing his first self-feature shirt to satisfy this friend.


KEITH put the draft on Instagram story, everybody seemed to be fanatical about the shirt with has KEITH’s face. Soon, KEITH figured out how to kill this boring afternoon — by creating a spiritual shirt for his fans.

The Keithy Lover Shirt is made by overlaying four pictures: Keith’s selfie, which was taken just a couple of days ago, when he finished showering at Doha International Airport; A photograph of Paris and Eiffel Tower, which was KEITH’s favorite photography back in the days. A portray feature KEITH’s signature burning-red sunglasses from Louis Vuitton, which kids at school desperately wanted to try it on. Then last, the famous Keithy cover featuring his signature shirt.

IMG_0901 2.jpeg

Later the school community exploded, students lined up to get the out-of-stock Keithy Lover Shirt, so did some teachers. Later KEITH designed the Keithy Lover Shoes, and a special edition of Keithy Lover Shirt featuring the Deffenbackers.

To keep its scared spirit, KEITH later stoped producing the shirt. Thus, those who have a KEITH lover shirt became the ones who people are jealous of. And people still wear the Keithy Lover Shirt once in a while, just to remember his legend.

(In Feb 2018, KEITH took a group picture with some of his friends featuring the Keithy Lover Shirt)