The Super Agent Kids

“The solution to a death-causing problem always causes death, but there is a chance to survive.”

Back in elementary, KEITH used to lead a group of kids to do excitements, such as gunfight with security guards, spying intelligence at the central control room, bombing police facilities, and today’s protagonist — rope-down from a skyscraper.

One day after school, KEITH decided to rope down on his own, just to kill time. However, the rope accidentally tied itself a taut knot around his belay/rappel device, KEITH was stuck in the middle of the air, 95 meters (312 feet) from the ground.

After struggling for a while, KEITH decided not to let himself die in this embarrassing way. He untied himself from the harness, thus he lost his only protection but was free from the rope. He wrapped the rope around his waist and legs, then slowly pull himself down about five meters (16.5 feet) so he could reach to a window. He broke into the apartment, luckily nobody was home.

The next day, the billboard in the community says:

“!!! Thief broke into 31st floor apartment through window !!!”