The Turkish Maze

“You will get power once you realize you have to survive.”

In March 2017, KEITH travelled to the Republic of Turkey during his spring break vacation. He toured around Istanbul, then he had some of his friends joined him to discover Cappadocia.

Cappadocia is in the middle of Turkey, known for its dynamic landscape and, the most famous hot-air-balloon on earth. KEITH and his friends started at a cave hotel inside of the Goreme National Park. The weather was not good during their staying, the company had to cancel the morning sunrise hot-air-balloon flight which they originally booked, sadly they are leaving on the next day.

It seemed that God would like to do something to satisfy theses three teenagers, on the day they were leaving, the hotel called their room in the early morning, noticing them that the weather allows flying today. Hence KEITH rebooked his flight to the next day, and his friends switched to a later flight. After enjoying the dramatic hot-air-balloon trip in the morning, KEITH and his friends had plenty of time to enjoy more of the fantastic landscape.

These three teenagers rent two ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicle), they drove to south-west directions. By using google’s GPS chip, they were able to know where they wanted to go.

Teenagers went on mountains, rocks and flat ground, they took a lot of pictures of this moonscape in Eurasia. They had a lot of fun, KEITH was driving in the front and leading the way, the other two teenagers were couple, they then following KEITH’s heal. After they drove around a canyon, they met a crossing. KEITH was chasing a small river, went into a jungle.

Jungle driving was cool and fun, as the small river went into the jungle, it became a streamlet. KEITH was so excited of experiencing driving in such an environment, however, after KEITH had gone into the jungle for a while, KEITH looked back and did not see his friends.

KEITH kept driving, he thought they were going somewhere else and he could catch them later when he had got out. The streamlet was getting smaller and smaller, KEITH was literally driving on the streamlet. When KEITH had passed a group of rocks, the vehicle was not moving anymore.

The vehicle started sinking into the ground, KEITH realized he drove into a marsh, but luckily it was only on the edge, so the dirt was not that loose. However, half of the vehicle’s head had already sinked into the dirt, and the back side started sinking too.

KIEITH jumped off the vehicle and moved a bunch of big rocks to stick under the back wheels, to prevent it from sinking deeper. KEITH then tried restating the engine and pull back, however, the wheels were only rolling on nothing.

There was no way for one high school kid to pull the ATV back to the ground, he had to find somebody to help him. However, when KEITH pulled out his phone, there was not service around him. Yeah, how could you expect there is service in the middle of a jungle.

KEITH knew how far away he drove when he got into the jungle and he knew how complicated the landscapes was, there was really now way he could walked out of the jungle without that vehicle. And the sky started getting darker, he did not know what kind of animals he would expect in the middle of the jungle in Turkey. The longer he waited, the less chance he could survive that night.

Keith freaked out, he tried full engine on the vehicle again and again, he tried to put rocks on different side of the vehicle again and again. But the more he tried, the deeper the vehicle sinked. It seemed like he was stuck there for fate.

After 30 or 40 minuets struggling, KEITH gave up. He sat on the ground, put out his phone, there was still no signal. KEITH decided that he would do everything to pull himself out of this jungle. He went to the back of the vehicle, tried to pull the vehicle back, however the vehicle was too heavy and was sinked too deep to pull back. KEITH freaked out, he then walked straight to the front side of the vehicle.

KEITH put his hands into the marsh, grabbed the bumper and put it up. Surprisedly, KEITH successfully put the head of the vehicle up in the air. KEITH then moved quickly before he started sinking into the marsh, HE held the bumper, walked around to move the head of the vehicle a 180˚ turn, so the front wheels of the vehicle was back on the hard ground. KEITH then went back on his seat, drove out of the jungle.



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